Listen to samples of my Christian songs:

Working with an amazingly talented producer in Nashville (William Sherry Jr), I am creating new songs to stir the listener, shatter enemy strongholds and ignite your emotions to get right with the Lord in these Last Days. If you love Christian songs with strong messages join my mailing list here, and also get the opportunity to connect with me by email.

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Christian Music for the End Times

Because it is the End Times, I will not wait to put these songs out in formal albums which can take a year or more to do, but will be releasing each brand new Christian song as a single upon its production to meet the relevancy of God's timing in the battle for souls in these Last Days. That means you can expect to receive from me every month or two an email about a new song's release, rather than a drought of a year between notices. And knowing how God works, one or more of those times you hear from me, it can be with a new song with a message you find hearing just at the timing that helps you to get through some spiritual situation or gives you the confirmation you have been seeking or however else the Lord has planned.